Seward County Community College provides opportunities to enrich and improve each person's life through a range of academic programs, including technical education, certificate and degree programs, and transferable degree programs, for the advancement of the individual and the community.



We believe in an inclusive educational experience that is dynamic, challenging, engaging, memorable and relevant. By creating a quality and accessible educational experience, we play an integral role in our community, the lives of its citizens, and in ultimately shaping a positive and rewarding future for everyone.


SCCC's purpose is to provide higher education options that meet students and community members at their point of need, to accomplish the College mission. We do this via:

  • ASSOCIATE DEGREE course offerings for four degree tracks: Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Arts, or Associate of General Studies.
  • TRANSFER/GENERAL EDUCATION course offerings that enable students who wish to complete a bachelor's degree at other colleges and universities to make a seamless transition;
  • CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION to meet the needs of a changing work force;
  • CONCURRENT CLASSES offered to high school students throughout the SCCC service area, allowing them to earn college credits early;
  • DEVELOPMENTAL AND ADULT BASIC EDUCATION that open access to higher education by identifying individual needs, appropriate courses, and tutoring.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION/COMMUNITY SERVICES including off-campus activities, adult basic education, continuing education, work-force development, use of facilities, and cultural opportunities for all ages;

  • These approaches are framed by awareness of the needs of our students, our community, and our region, and include – but are not limited to – physical, mental, and social health, financial prosperity, and thought leadership.

The College will address its mission through pursuit of Five Key Directions:

  • Promote a safe and healthy campus;
  • Invest in teaching, learning, and curriculum development;
  • Enhance financial and organizational vitality;
  • Expect high outcomes in recruitment, retention, and graduation;
  • Broaden collaboration between the community, education, and business and industry.

Using input from more than 250 employees, gathered through surveys and discussion groups in 2015, the College has identified five Core Values: Trust, Integrity, Valuing Others, Student Success, and Quality.
These core values underpin all College endeavors, and serve as the driving force behind the "Five Directions" initiatives selected as priorities by the Executive Team.


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