Taxpayer and Student Transparency Taxpayer and Student Transparency



As mandated in K.S.A. 71-222, we present our taxpayer and student transparency data.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are reported to Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) annually and are publicly available here:

Residency Tuition per Credit Hour Student Fees per Credit Hour* Total Tuition and Fees per Credit hour
Out of District$72$42$114
Border State$94$42$136
Out of State$109$42$151
Seward Online (all residencies)$108$42$150
EduKan Online$150n/a$150







*Effective 2021-22 Academic Year


In-District Student: A student who resides in the home county of the college and where taxes to support the college are therefore levied
Out-of-District Student: A student who is a Kansas resident, but not a resident of the colleges home county, where taxes to support the college are levied
Border State: A student who is a resident of any state bordering Kansas to include Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Nebraska, or Missouri
Out-of-State Student: A student who is not a resident of the state of Kansas
International Student: 
A student who is not a resident of the United States

Student Fee Type and Amount

(Does Not Include Course Specific Fees)
Student Fee Type In District Out of District Out of State International
Universal Student Fee per Credit Hour$42$42$42$42

Breakdown of Fee Type

Breakdown In District Out of District Out of State International
COP Retirement:$11$11$11$11
Student Activities:$2$2$2$2
Future Expansion:$3$3$3$3
Total per Credit hour Fee:$42$42$42$42
Payment Plan Fee (Flat Fee):$35$35$35$35
Total Flat Fees:$35$35$35$35








*Effective 2021-22 Academic Year


Course Tranferability Within Kansas

List of Courses which will transfer:


Students Served Data

Percent of Students Attending at Each Campus (Site) by Residency

College Campus (Site) In District Out of District Out of State International
Main Campus - Liberal54%22%20%3%
Outreach High Schools in Service Area43%56%1%0%
Online (Seward and EduKan)26%42%31%1%




*Students are often served in more than one location. Students are counted in each percentage at each
location they are served in and therefore percentages won't equal 100%; 
*Effective 2021-22 Academic Year

Percent of Students Served Overall at the Community College

% Residing In-District % Residing in Kansas Out of District** % Residing in Service Area


Reporting Period 2020-21 Academic Year; ** Percent of students residing in service area also includes in-district students.

Scholarship and Grant Data

Scholarship and Grant Amounts Disbursed

Institutional Scholarship AY2020 Institutional Scholarship AY2021 College Foundation AY2020 College Foundation AY2021 Pell AY2020 Pell AY2021




Athletic and Non-Athletic Scholarship and Grant Amounts Disbursed

  In-District AY2020 In-District AY2021 In-State AY2020  In-State AY2021 Out of State AY2020 Out of State AY2021
Athletic Scholarship Amounts Disbursed$16,751$22,482$7,597$2,775$434,387$383,145
Non-Atletic Scholarship Amounts Disbursed$311,623$251,496$84,693$51,100$105,348$89,647





*Reporting Period July 1- June 30 of Academic Year; Data includes Academic Years 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Property Tax

Aggregate Amount of Property Tax Revenue Collected

Fiscal Year Property Taxes % Change






Mill Levy

Fiscal Year MILL LEVY % Change





*The amounts above reflect what the college actually received. Abatements, incentives, and delinquent tax payments cause this amount to be lower than what was actually levied in some cases. 
*These amounts are derived from documents provided to the college in November which were certified by the County Clerk.


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