SCCC High School Summer Academies

Eligible for the Kansas Migrant Education Program? Click HERE for more information.

Are you ready to explore science, make friends, and have an experience you'll never forget? Live and study four days on the SCCC campus. Explore high-demand career fields and set the foundation for success!

This summer, Seward County Community College offers high school students (9th-12th grade) the opportunity to be a part of our four-day STEM summer academies from June 6-9. For the cost of $100, you can take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about engineering or sustainable agriculture.

The academies provide a chance to interact with college students and faculty and build excitement about science and learning. Guest speakers ignite a desire for college and work to build confidence. Living on campus during the academies also gives students the chance to experience college life in a structured setting. The academies make a difference! And we want you there.

What will the academies be like?

COOLSPEAK: Students will spend the first day with national speaker Ernesto Mejia participating in team-building, confidence-building, and college-readiness activities. From the CoolSpeak website, "Our CoolSpeakers … provide a positive, aspirational message that audiences carry with them long after our event is over." We are very happy to see Ernesto return this year!

After the CoolSpeak session, students will continue in the academy indicated on your registration form.

SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE: Sustainability is a hot topic in agriculture, and our Sustainable Agriculture academy introduces students to agricultural practices that focus on a long-term view of environmental management and economic prosperity. Students may analyze soil, water, and air quality; tour a KSU test plot or the largest composting facility in Kansas; and get hands-on experience in planting high-value alternative crops in our greenhouses and test field; or other activities. Students will finish the academy with an eye on the future and skills they can use in their personal and professional lives.

ENGINEERING: Students in our Engineering academy will explore some of the many fields of engineering with hands-on activities such as building a model rollercoaster (mechanical engineering), building simple electric motors (electrical engineering), and using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 programmable computer to solve a robotics challenge. The activities are designed to help students develop creative solutions to everyday problems through the use of logic, math, programming skills, engineering techniques, and teamwork. 

A Word for Parents/Guardians

Parents and guardians, we are excited that you and your high school student are considering our summer academies. We want you to know that all academy activities, including free time and social events, are supervised. Our highest priority is the safety of our participants, so everyone can enjoy their four days on campus. An outline of academy events can be seen HERE.


We are proud of our corporate partners, who help make these academies possible.


Funding for the academies is also provided by a United States Department of Education Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) grant for Hispanic-serving institutions.

Kansas Migrant Education Program

High school students, if you are eligible for the Kansas Migrant Education Program, you may qualify for a scholarship to cover your registration fee, and the opportunity to earn a ½ credit of high school math or science. To see if you qualify, contact your district Migrant Education Director, school counselor, or the Kansas Migrant Education Program, 785-296-2600, for more details.


If you have questions, please contact Sharon Nickelson at or 620-417-1414.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to fill out so many forms?

A: The information you provide allows us to ensure that all academy participants have the safest and most enjoyable experience possible while you are on campus. Thank you for taking the time to complete all of the information in the application form.

Q: Do I have to get a meningitis vaccination?

A: No. We recommend the vaccination for your protection, but it's voluntary. If you decide not to get the vaccination, sign the waiver on the back of the form.

Q: I had a meningitis vaccination, but I can't remember or can't get some of the info. What should I do?

A: You can get a booster shot and use that information, or you can sign the waiver on the back of the form. Don't complete the vaccination section on the front of the form unless you have all of the required information.

Q: Do I have to do the tuberculosis form?

A: Yes, all students that plan to attend the summer academies must fill out the form and turn it in with their application. Some students may need additional testing, depending on their answers. (Note that students who were born or have lived in Mexico will require additional screening/testing.)

Q: I don't understand the tuberculosis form. What should I do?

A: Everyone should answer the five questions. If you can answer ‘no' to ALL of them, all you have to do is sign the bottom and turn the form in with your application. If you answer ‘yes' to ANY of the questions, then follow the directions in the box. (Note that this will affect students who were born or have lived in Mexico.) If additional screening/testing is required, don't delay – the testing that's required may take time to complete, and all of it has to be done before you can join the academy.

Q: Can I send in the application even though I'm waiting for tuberculosis results? Or, can I reserve a place while I'm waiting for tuberculosis results?

A: Wait until everything in your application is complete before sending it in. Also, we are not able to reserve places in the academies, because we need to give priority to completed applications.

CoolSpeaker Ernesto Mejia entertains and engages students at the 2015 SCCC summer academies in Liberal, KS.


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