Sustainable Agriculture

What is Sustainability in Agriculture?

Sustainability in Agriculture encompasses any agricultural practices that focus on the long term enhancement of: environmental quality and the resource base on which agriculture depends, providing basic human food and fiber needs, economic viability, and enhancement of the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole.

Sustainable Agriculture Resources at SCCC is a new and dynamic program that can lead to an exciting career in the field of agriculture. Current and developing technologies in agriculture will lead to a greater need for people with skills in water, soil, air, and environment protection. Increasing worldwide populations coupled with a decrease in rural populations will be the driving force behind the need for a new generation of agriculturalists.

At SCCC, you receive the technical, business, and communication skills required for success in today's agriculture related work force.

What degree options are available?

Associate in Applied Science, Associate in Science

Why should I choose Seward County Community College?

SCCC has the only sustainable agriculture program in the state of Kansas and has one of the few found in the Midwest.

  • Learn agricultural techniques and methods such as crop production, soil science, and water use.
  • We continue to add new greenhouses and research plots.
  • Our instructors sincerely care about the success of every student.
  • Internships are available for hands-on industry experience.

What type of careers are available after completing the program?

You can choose from a wide variety of professions including: Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology, Education, Agritourism, Research Technician, Farmland Preservation, Community Development, Horticulture/Greenhouse Management, Environmental Management, Conservation/Water & Soil Quality, Advocacy & Policy, Extension & Outreach, Farming, Food Production, and Crop Consultancy.

What kind of courses are offered at SCCC?

Greenhouse Management, Natural Resources Management, Exploring Sustainable Agriculture, Soils, Soil Fertility & Fertilizers, Crop Science, Weed Science, Environmental Quality, Research Practicum, and Specialty Crops Marketing.


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