Disability Services

Student Disability Services

Seward County Community College is making a good-faith effort to comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); accessibility to programs, services and facilities by all students and patrons is a high priority. Students in need of accommodations should contact the Dean of Student Services office at 417-1016, to initiate their request for services.

An intake process will follow a written request for services; the existence of a qualified disability must be verified and appropriate strategies and resources identified. Students must provide documentation of their disability before receiving services.

In the case of a medical disability, students should submit documentation from a qualified expert stating the nature and severity of the disability, the diagnostic procedures used, and recommendations for academic assistance.

In the case of a learning disability, documentation must be submitted from one of two sources:

  • Students diagnosed prior to high school graduation can submit IEP documents;
  • Students diagnosed after completion of high school must submit a recent psycho-educational evaluation performed by a licensed psychologist.

Information obtained is confidential and is used solely for the purpose of identifying appropriate support services.

Assisting Students with Disabilities Guide:

Seward County Community College offers academic support services to students with physical or learning disabilities. SCCC is committed to providing assistance to students that will facilitate their independence and academic progress. Assistance is tailored to the needs of the individual student. Academic support services offered based on individual need include:

  • Campus orientation
  • Instructor notification a
  • Note-taking assistance
  • Alternative testing accommodations
  • Assistance in obtaining texts in alternative formats
  • Assistance in obtaining an interpreter
  • Accessibility accommodations
  • Additional specific services when necessary
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