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Office of Business Affairs

Business Affairs

Paying Bills

Tuition, fees, and other items on your student bill can be paid for at the cashier’s desk in the Hobble Academic Building or here online.

Annual Audit Reports

In compliance with State regulations, access to current and past financial audits can be found here.


Find information about the submissions process for vendor bids, as well as records of previously-approved bids.

Proposed Budget

View the most current annual budget for operations at SCCC, including a breakdown of revenue and expenditures.

Taxpayer and Student Transparency

All mandated transparency data available to the public, including rates, fees, transferability, and more.

About Business Affairs

The Business Affairs Office, often called the Business Office, serves as the financial and asset recordkeeping center of SCCC, offering a suite of essential services designed to support our students, faculty, staff, and local vendors. Our primary services include:

  1. Tuition and Fee Management: The Business Office facilitates the collection of tuition fees and other related payments from students, ensuring a streamlined process for fulfilling financial obligations to the college.
  2. Student Payroll: We handle the issuance of paychecks to student workers, recognizing and rewarding their contributions to the college community with timely and accurate compensation.
  3. Vendor Management: Coordinating the bidding process with local vendors, we ensure transparency and fairness in procurement, obtaining the best value for goods and services while adhering to budgetary guidelines.
  4. Financial Data Handling: Safeguarding sensitive financial data and information is paramount. Our office employs robust systems and protocols to manage records securely, supporting informed decision-making and regulatory compliance.
  5. Budget Oversight: We play a vital role in managing the college’s budget, working collaboratively with departments to allocate resources effectively and align expenditures with strategic priorities.
  6. Audit Preparation: Maintaining meticulous audit reports is essential to our commitment to transparency and accountability. The Business Office conducts regular audits and prepares comprehensive reports to ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

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Business Affairs