seward county community college

Executive Director of Student Success Center

  • Stephanie Heger
  • 620-417-1065
  • Room A150

Student Success & Transfer Coordinator

  • Ruth Rivera
  • 620-417-1066
  • Room A151

Academic & Online Advisor

  • Jamie Francis
  • 620-417-1700
  • TBD

Hours of Operation

8:00AM – 4:45PM Monday – Friday

Check Sheets

Helpful Links

Welcome to the home of the Saints Advising! We are the go-to resource to connect students with the many sources of support at SCCC that are essential for success. Academic advisors share knowledge and partner with students to help them reach their goals at SCCC and beyond.

A majority of students at SCCC have faculty advisors to help them navigate their chosen career path. Students that are undecided are typically advised by Student Success Center advisors.

We’re here when you need us. Walk-in advising is available from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday in the Student Success Center, located in the center of the Hobble Academic Building. Do you have a quick question? Need help with an urgent situation? Drop by to see us!

If you are not on campus during walk-in advising hours, you can call (620) 417-1106 to arrange to speak with an advisor.

More complicated questions: like choosing a major, or planning for a smooth transfer to a four-year university – require an appointment. Give us a call!

The most successful advising experiences are built on relationships in which the student and advisor work together. Students can develop these relationships through regular conversations with advisors.

We also invite students to take a look at the many online resources; these materials provide important information regarding requirements, and outline programs and opportunities that can add great value to a student’s SCCC experience. Becoming familiar with their options will help students get even more from their meetings with advisors.

Steps for Successful Enrollment

  1. Apply for admission and complete the TB questionnaire – Students only need to do this once, before your first semester of study. Don’t forget…We need your transcripts.
  2. Apply for financial aid and scholarships – Students need ot renew these forms every year they attend college.
  3. Take a placement exam before your first semester – If you’ve taken a Compass, ACT, or SAT exam, you’re in good shape. We offer the ACCUPLACER on campus as well, and you can retest on the ACCUPLACER test for a fee of $30.00
  4. Speak to an academic advisor to fill out an enrollment form or for guidance in enrolling online- you can speak to one of the Student Success Center advisors or a faculty advisor for your major.
  5. Bring your enrollment form to the registrar’s office or enroll online
  6. Pick up your schedule and set up a payment plan in the business office