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Your advisor is one of the most valuable resources you have at your disposal. Their job is to help you navigate the process of setting up classes, preparing for the future, and understanding your major right now. They will help you set goals, create plans, explore your options, and support you throughout your time at SCCC.

If you need assistance with anything, your advisor is here to help! Keep in mind that they may even have answers to questions that you don’t even know you need to ask. 

If your major is Accounting, your advisor is likely one of the program professors. If you aren’t sure who your advisor is, use the contact information to the right to ask!

Career Opportunities in Accounting

The most common career paths in accounting can be divided into two main groups: the public and private sectors. Both of which include many options for accountants.

Public accountants work with a variety of business clients to review and/or prepare financial documents, file tax forms, perform audits, and many other financial-related tasks. All areas of public accounting work together with businesses to inspect control processes, determine the accuracy of financial information and compliance with laws, regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). They may also make recommendations regarding business decisions, control procedures and company finances. Public accounting can include audit/assurance, advisory, governmental, not for profit, tax accounting and bookkeeping roles. CPAs (certified public accountants) are most commonly found working in the public sector.

In the private sector, accountants work directly for corporations or other privately owned businesses and can include an array of both financial accounting and/or managerial accounting roles. These accountants can manage an organization’s financials on both a daily and end of period basis, provide expertise in a variety of areas such as control procedures or operations, create financial and/or managerial reporting and, assist management in the creation and implementation of business strategies. Corporate accounting, as it is commonly known, falls under this sector and is a broad term that can include many different functions, such as account management, internal audit, and financial analysis.

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