seward county community college


Southwest Kansas is a major participant in the world of agriculture and has traditionally been very strong in cattle and crop production. More recently, other industries such as swine and dairy production have expanded in southwestern Kansas, further expanding the region’s impact on global agriculture. The Agriculture program at Seward County Community College strives to meet the needs of this rapidly changing agricultural environment by offering a variety of opportunities for those interested in the field. From the irrigated fields on-site to the two automated greenhouses where we grow a variety of crops, flowers, and even tilapia. We handle our own grain grown on campus thanks to our Grain Elevator Operator program. SCCC is one of the few community colleges in the country with the capability to make our own biodiesel on-site. For those interested in animals, we also have a competitive livestock judging team along with a herd of show goats utilized in the classroom for learning as well as the show ring.¬†

Topics, skills, and concepts:

  • Animal Science
  • Agronomy¬†
  • Agri-Business
  • Grain Elevator Operations
  • Ag Mechanics