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Computer Support Specialist

Certificate in Computer Support Specialist

The course sequence listed is a recommendation to ensure prerequisites and requirements are met. The student needs to ensure that other institutional requirements such as 15 hours per semester for scholarships are also met. Although 60 hours is the minimum needed for the degree, students may end up with more than 60 hours to meet all requirements.

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Certifications Available Fall Semester Certifications Available Spring Semester 
Word Specialist/Expert

Security Fundamentals

Excel Specialist/Expert Network Fundamentals
PowerPoint Specialist *A+
Access Specialist


Security Fundamentals  *Network+
Network Fundamentals *Server+

Offered at SCCC for free

*Have additional costs and can be taken at OPSU or GCCC

CS1713, CS2253, CS1413, CS1002 only offered in Fall

CS1723, CS2263, CS1423, CS1903 only offered in Spring

Certificate A

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Ag, Business, & Personal Services
Computer Support Specialist