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Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical laboratory technicians work together with a team of pathologists, physicians, and specialists to determine the presence, extent or absence of disease and provide data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. The laboratory procedures performed by medical laboratory technicians use an array of complex precision instruments and a variety of automated equipment. The medical laboratory technology program at SCCC is offered through an online lecture format with locally available clinical affiliate sites. Students interested in studying medical laboratory technology at SCCC must complete an admissions application and meet with a medical laboratory technology advisor. Clinical affiliate agreements must be in place by July 1 for the Fall Semester.


MLTs must be accurate, reliable, have an interest in science and be able to recognize their responsibility for human lives. The laboratory procedures performed by MLTs use an array of complex precision instruments and a variety of automated and electronic equipment.  These tests include the typing and crossmatching of blood and blood components; drug monitoring (both for therapeutic monitoring of drugs and the detection of drugs of abuse); identifying anemias, leukemias, and other blood disorders; identifying infectious organisms and determining their susceptibility to specific antibiotics; and performing additional testing as requested by the physician.  Individuals interested in a medical laboratory career may direct their goals to one of many levels of education. Seward County Community College offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in MLT. Laboratory personnel may advance by acquiring additional education to progress to the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) level.


NOTE: If you reside in California, Arkansas, or New York we are unable to offer the program to you as a resident of those states. Due to federal government regulations, the program is not available to those with international student status.