seward county community college

Medical Laboratory Technology


To enroll in the first year MLT program courses, the student only needs to be admitted to Seward County Community College.  When the student has successfully completed the majority of the first-year courses, the student needs to request access to the MLT program application forms to be considered for admission to the second year core MLT curriculum. Clinical  affiliate agreements must be in place by July 1 for the fall semester.

Application to MLT Program

Second year MLT program admission criteria include: a GPA of a 2.50 for the first year program required courses, reference scores at or above average, an interview score at or above average, and an approved clinical affiliate. Note that all general education courses must be completed with a C or better prior to beginning the second year curriculum.

MLT Faculty Interview

After receiving the application forms, the MLT program faculty will schedule an interview with the applicant. The applicant is notified by email of the date and time of the appointment.

Selection Process

The selection process occurs as follows:

  1. The data from the completed forms, transcripts, references and interview is transferred to the Admission Evaluation Tabulation form and the tabulation score is computed. The applicants are then ranked in order of their score.
  2. The Allied Health Admission Committee meets during April and as needed to review the recommendations of the Allied Health programs. Decisions are made to admit or reject each recommendation.
  3. The applicants will be notified by email of their acceptance, deferral, or rejection status.

Readmission Process

For students who have previously been in the MLT program and have successfully completed a portion of the curriculum requirements, contact the Dean of Allied Health / Director of MLT at 620-417-1403 or via email at