seward county community college

Corrosion Technology

Corrosion technology is a far-reaching field including energy infrastructure, transportation systems, national defense, and more. Corrosion of metal surfaces will never stop; however, with technology, corrosion can be controlled and monitored. Corrosion technicians install, maintain, inspect, and troubleshoot facilities. The job market for corrosion technicians is growing rapidly as infrastructure needs are assessed and reliance on energy increases.

 The corrosion technology program is located in the energy sector of the auto body building. The corrosion program also includes a state-of-the-art outdoor pipeline and field laboratory, including: an above-ground storage tank, an underground storage tank, a simulated well bore, an intricate pipeline lab attached to a state-of-the-art control panel, and an anode bed.

What You Will Learn

Corrosion technology students at SCCC learn Ohm’s Law, basic electricity and circuits, mechanisms of corrosion, basic material selection, cathodic protection and design basics, Faraday’s Law, Dwight’s Equations, eLog I testing procedures, basic metallurgy, atmospheric corrosion, basic internal corrosion, proper use and care of specialized equipment and instruments, reporting, surveying, sketching and drafting, computer-aided drafting, GPS, mapping and map use, protective coatings and linings, and code of federal regulations 195 and 192.