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Truck Driving

Michael D. McCarthy

Something Michael enjoys most about teaching at SCCC is working with the students and watching them succeed. 

Carl Law

Carl has 20 years of trucking experience and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience in truck driving with the students at SCCC. 

Jose A. Martinez

Jose has a CDL-A and a Third Party Tester. What he enjoys most about teaching at SCCC is being able to help others achieve their goals in the trucking industry. A fun fact Jose wanted to share was that the opportunities that opened up when he became a CDL-A holder were plentiful. Jose wanted to share the following with students, “When attending the CDL program you will expect to get plenty of hands-on practice, one-on-one training, and we will not let you go on your own until we believe you truly understand the safety and the danger of not following the laws and rules”.

Manuel Hernandez

Manuel has CDL Certification and is Certified in Defensive Driving. He has had a CDL license for 12 years and has been an instructor for 8 years, which he feels are the best things that have happened to him. What he enjoys most about teaching at SCCC is teaching the students how to drive semi-trucks. Students should expect to learn rules and regulations when coming to class. 

Francisco Morales

Francisco has a CDL Certification from Seward County Community College. What Franciso enjoys most about teaching at SCCC is the positive environment. 

Jimmy R. Garcia

Jimmy enjoys being able to interact with the next generation of students who are the future of the business of trucking.

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Truck Driving