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Bonnie Merrihew

Bonnie Merrihew completed her Master of Applied Mathematics at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, after receiving a double major in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.
Bonnie states that the small class sizes at SCCC allow her to get to know her students better and provide the help they need to succeed.

Dr. Heather Hannah

Dr. Heather Hannah received both her Doctor of Mathematics and Master of Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame. She earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics at East Central University.
Dr. Hannah enjoys the small and inclusive atmosphere here at SCCC. She knows that at SCCC, everyone wants our students to succeed. Dr. Hannah reads a lot of books from all genres, so stop by and talk books anytime. While in class she always encourages students to ask questions, so that they will learn and understand, which will lead to great success.

Alex Groves

Alex Groves is currently in the process of finishing her master’s degree. She completed her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Oklahoma Panhandle State University.
Mrs. Groves loves young people and wants to see them succeed. She is focused on helping them improve their math skills and not to be afraid of math. Alex also plays the guitar and reads.

Dr. William Bryan

Dr. William Bryan began his post-secondary education at West Texas A&M University where he earned bachelor’s degrees in both Chemistry and Physics. His graduate work includes a master’s in chemistry from West Texas A&M and a PhD in STEM education. 

Dr. Bryan likes watching student faces when they get the “aha” moment in understanding what and why they are learning. Dr. Bryan has traveled to thirty-four US States and has a goal to make it to all fifty.

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