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Physical Education

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A physical education degree provides students with an opportunity to help improve the health and wellness of individuals across multiple generations. The physical education program at SCCC provides students a broad knowledge base in science, physical education, teaching, and communication. With multiple facilities including a swimming pool, wellness center, weight room, multipurpose gymnasium, tennis courts, softball field, and baseball diamond, students are able to learn and participate in a wide variety of activities. 

A degree in physical education from SCCC meets the needs of personal trainers seeking further qualification or certifications, fitness program leaders and instructors, and fitness center personnel. 

About the Program

When you complete the Physical Education course of study at Seward County Community College, you will be prepared to pursue a variety of options within the Physical Education profession.

Our associate’s degree program provides you with a broad knowledge base in the sciences, physical education, teaching, and communication areas. The challenge of a physical education career is evident in the type of courses, course load, and time management skills required in the associates degree program. If you enjoy physical activity, learning new skills, and working with people, the Physical Education program may be a good option for you to explore.

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