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Physical Science

Physicists work on problems that are connected with the real world — things that we see and cannot see around us, from the region of the subatomic to the expanse of the universe. Many physicists conduct basic research in industrial, university, and national laboratories, while others work in a variety of fields that require sophisticated problem-solving skills. Some physicists teach in high schools, colleges, and universities. About half of the students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree in physics immediately begin careers. The other half go into graduate school performing basic research and careers in teaching at universities.

A physics education is fundamental to many career paths other than simply physics paths. Studies in Biology, Engineering, Medicine, and Science Education are but a few of the careers that are heavily dependent upon knowledge of physics. A study of physics also encourages critical thinking. Business and pre-law majors often are encouraged to take physics to develop this thinking process. The Physics department at Seward County Community College offers courses of study designed to meet the needs of students considering a career in physics or a related field.

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