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Seward County Community College Accessibility Services is to be an active partner with students, faculty and staff in creating an accessible learning environment where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of Seward County Community Colleges programs, services and activities. Students in need of accommodations should contact the Student Success Center office in the Hobble Academic Building A149 or 620-417-1106, to initiate their request for services.


Students should submit documentation from a qualified expert stating the nature and severity of the disability, the diagnostic procedures used, and recommendations for academic assistance. Information obtained is confidential and is used only for the purpose of identifying services.

Academic Services
Seward County Community College offers academic support services to students with physical or learning disabilities. Seward County Community College is committed to providing assistance to students that will facilitate independence and academic progress. Assistance is tailored to the needs of the individual student.

Procedures for Applying for Accessibility Services

Students should meet with an advisor in the Student Success Center and discuss the need for accommodations while attending Seward County Community College. Be prepared to describe what services you have previously found to be helpful. You will receive a packet of information which includes documentation guidelines and a request for accommodations form. IMPORTANT: Depending on your needs, it can sometimes take 4 – 6 weeks to get supports in place. Planning ahead is advised.

    1. Submit the completed request form along with supporting documentation prepared by an appropriate professional to the Student Success Center located in the Hobble Academic Building room 149 at Seward County Community College.
    2. Documentation and Student Accessibility Services Request Form will be reviewed by the dean of students for an eligibility determination.
    3. If you are found eligible, an individualized accommodation plan is written to verify approved services while attending Seward County Community College. This plan, along with directions for your next steps will be sent to you.
      • It is your responsibility to share your individualized accommodation plan with each of your instructors and talk to them about how your accommodations can be used in the class.
      • If you disagree with your individualized accommodation plan, please contact the dean of students in the Student Success Center to discuss your concerns.
    4. When you receive your plan, schedule a follow-up appointment with the dean of students to discuss your concerns.

    Student Accessibility Services Initial Application and Forms

    Student Responsibilities

    Seward County Community College wishes to promote an atmosphere of independence for all students. Students with disabilities are encouraged to become advocates for themselves. For help or support in working to achieve the greatest self-sufficiency please visit the Student Success office.

    Laws and Policies Applicable to Students with Disabilities

    Seward County Community College complies with both the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, specifically Section 508, and the Americans with Disabilities act of 1990. No recipients of federal funding may discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability solely by reason of that disability. This means that students with disabilities have equal access to all Seward County Community College programs, services, and activities.

    Appeal of Denied Accommodations

    Students that have been denied an approved accommodation in the classroom, housing or other program should first discuss their concern with the dean of students in the Academic Success Center. The student may be directed to first have a discussion with the faculty or staff regarding the issue. If needed, the dean of students will meet with the students and the faculty /staff together to problem solve and mediate a resolution.

    If the issue is not resolved between the student and the individual denying the approved accommodation, then the student can file a written appeal to the vice president of student services.

    Discrimination Complaint

    Students who believe they have been discriminated against on the basis of their disability should follow the SCCC Student Complaint/Grievance Procedure in the Student Handbook. Complaints should be brought to the attention of the vice president of student services.

    Student Accessibility Services Contacts:

    Annette P. Hackbarth-Onson
    Dean of Student Success and Enrollment

    Celeste Donovan
    Vice President of Student Services

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