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New Students

A New Student is someone who’s graduated from an accredited high school, completed the GED, or finished an approved homeschool or nonaccredited private school program. They’ll need to provide a diploma or proof of academic completion.

Former Students

A returning Student can be re-admitted to the institution. A student must re-apply for admission if they did not attend SCCC in the last academic year.

Transfer Students

A transfer student with earned credit from other accredited higher educational institution(s) may be admitted. A student on academic probation from another institution may be accepted under probationary conditions.

Concurrent Students

Concurrent (dual-credit) high school juniors & seniors with written permission of the high school principal.  

International Students

International students seeking admission to SCCC must meet all admission requirements and qualify for a Certificate of Eligibility (INS form I-20) to be issued.

Non-degree seeking students

Individuals seeking self-improvement through college classes. 

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Online Students

Online learning allows you to access your course(s) and course materials when and where it is convenient for you. Whether you are interested in taking an online class, or if you plan to take online courses while pursuing a degree, Saints Anywhere can help you achieve your goal.

Homeschooled Students

A graduate of an approved home-school program or a nonaccredited private school. Students must submit a diploma, or evidence of successful academic completion. 

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