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Admissions Office

Concurrent Students

High school junior and senior students may be admitted and enroll concurrently in college courses with signed permission from their high school principal. High School students younger than high school juniors enrolled in a recognized gifted program may be admitted and enroll in college courses after receiving signed permission from the SCCC Outreach director. 

Written permission of the school principal, a copy of the students Individual Education Plan (IEP), and ACCUPLACER or ACT assessment scores must be submitted prior to advisement. Students who skip an academic semester must re-apply for admission. 


Check with Financial Aid for current scholarships opportunities.

Admissions Checklist

  • On the admissions application, high school students who are seeking dual credit courses will need to select “High School Concurrent” as the application type.
  • Students who have taken a semester off must re-apply for re-entry.

If you aren’t sure who your high school counselor or outreach coordinator is, be sure to reach out to your school secretary or administration. You can also find a current list of high school counselors and outreach coordinators here.

Contact the SCCC Testing Center at (620) 417-1042 to schedule the ACCUPLACER assessment. The ACCUPLACER will help determine your eligibility for college courses at SCCC.

Note: If you have any questions or concerns about the process above, please contact the SCCC Outreach Office or Admissions Office.