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Financial Aid Office

Welcome to Financial Aid!

What the Financial Aid Office does

We understand that the cost of higher education is a major obstacle for most students.  This is where we come in!  Explore our website for more information or feel free to contact us.

Cost of Attending SCCC

Your Cost of Attendance (COA) is an ESTIMATE of what it will cost you to cover the expenses of attending SCCC.  Your COA includes more than just tuition and fees or items billed directly to students – click below to learn what is included.

Where to start

Follow our recommended financial aid checklist, apply for SCCC Scholarships, and get the answers to commonly asked questions.

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Connect with Financial Aid!

The SCCC Financial Aid Office team is here to help you navigate the financial aid process to get the most out of your experience.

Reach out and let us know how we can help you!

Important dates

Things you need to know

You can check your award offers at any time through your SCCC student portal.

Don’t know how?  Watch this YouTube video!

All types of financial aid are scheduled to begin disbursing and are applied directly to your student bill approximately one week after Certification Date each term.  If you are anticipating a refund check, they should be ready approximately one week after disbursement each term.

You may either contact the Business Office at 620-417-1080 or check your SCCC student portal for student billing information.

Books can be obtained through the Saints Bookstore or instructors will provide you information for any online books.

If your financial aid awards exceed your student bill, you may visit the Business Office to obtain a ‘Book Voucher’ to use your excess financial aid awards to purchase your books.

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