seward county community college

Students who use college computing resources are expected to adhere to the SCCC Network Computing Use Policy. Misuse can result in computer use privileges being revoked, suspension from college, and possible legal action. A summary of the general guidelines of the Policy are listed below. A copy of the complete Policy is available upon request from the Offices of the Dean of Student Services, the Dean of Instruction, the Dean of Administrative Services, and the Associate Dean of Educational Services.

Guidelines for use of SCCC Computing Resources:

All aspects of the SCCC Network Computer System are owned by the College and are provided for the use by SCCC students, faculty, and staff in support of the educational programs of the college. All use of computing resources should be related to the educational mission and goals of the College. Publishing, downloading, transmitting or receiving (with prior knowledge) any threatening or obscene material is prohibited.

Personal commercial uses of computing resources are prohibited.

It is the student’s responsibility to use computing resources in an effective, efficient, ethical, and lawful manner consistent with the policies/procedures of SCCC and of the laws of the State of Kansas and of the Federal Government.

SCCC reserves the right to terminate computer services to any student without notice.

Students are responsible to maintain and protect individual user names and passwords; these should not be disclosed or shared with other students.

Students are expected to follow proper accepted computer etiquette when using email, the Internet, and local and outside networks.

Computer software protected by copyright shall not be copied from, into, or by SCCC computing resources except as permitted by law.

Harassment through the use of SCCC computing resources is prohibited. Harassment includes the persistent annoyance of other users, interference in another users work, sending of unwanted mail, etc. Harassment has the effect of creating a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.

Vandalism through the use of SCCC computing resources is prohibited; vandalism is a malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of another user including creating and/or uploading computer viruses.

Changing settings i.e., unauthorized modification of computer resources is prohibited.

Enrollment in any SCCC course constitutes agreement, by the student, to abide by the terms of the SCCC Network Computing Use Policy. Violations are considered unethical and may result in disciplinary actions by the College including computer use privileges being revoked, possible suspension from classes and from college, and appropriate legal action by the College and law enforcement agencies.


Effective, September 25, 2003, students residing in SCCC Student Housing who violate the SCCC Computer Usage Policy will have computer use privileges suspended; file sharing, copyright violations resulting from illegally downloading music, movies, games, etc., campus network problems resulting student misuse, are all examples of activities that are occurring in SCCC Student Housing. These types of activities are creating serious problems for the Information Technology Staff, as well as the entire campus. Continued misuse of SCCC Computing Resources will result in loss of computer privileges.