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SCCC compliant with Kansas HB2105

A new bill in the Kansas House of Representatives reflects a statewide concern about diversity, equity, and inclusion policies at publicly funded institutions, and Seward County Community College has taken steps to comply. 

“We reviewed the implications of House Bill 2105,” said SCC President Brad Bennett. “We are in the process of updating our website, materials, and public notices accordingly.”

HB2105 prohibits required statements of personal support for, or opposition to political ideological movements, including DEI pledges. The bill also forbids mandatory DEI training for employees and students.

In everyday operations, Bennett noted, the new bill doesn’t change the college’s practices but rather, demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

“We prominently display a notice of nondiscrimination on our website, and use it in all job advertisements,” he said. “Seward County Community College greatly values everyone and is committed to serving all individuals.”

Legislative Details:

In accordance with HB 2105, Seward County Community College does not condition admission or educational aid to an applicant for admission, hiring an applicant for employment or hiring, reappointing or promoting a faculty member, on the applicant’s or faculty member’s pledging allegiance to or making a statement of personal support for or opposition to any political ideology or movement, including a pledge or statement regarding diversity, equity or inclusion, or to request or require any such pledge or statement from an applicant or faculty member.

The College does not require any form of DEI pledge, allegiance, or oath. Seward County Community College does not require employees or students to participate in any form of DEI training.

The College prominently displays a notice of non-discrimination on its website, and the statement is utilized in all job advertisements. Seward County Community College greatly values everyone and is committed to serving all individuals. 

Seward County Community College completes all required Title IX trainings and adheres to federal Title IX policies and regulations.

For more information about HB2105, click here.

SCCC’s training materials for Title IX training and more can be viewed below.

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Notice of Nondiscrimination

Seward County Community College notifica que esta institución no discrimina a personas en forma de raza, color, origen nacional, discapacidad de acceso o tratamiento, edad, o sexo, en la admisión o acceso a sus programas y actividades.  Cualquier persona que tenga preguntas sobre el cumplimiento de los requisitos de las regulaciones que implementan el Título VI, Título IX o Sección 504 están dirigidas a comunicarse con el Vicepresidente de finanzas y operaciones,   (620) 624-1951.

SCCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability in admission, access to, treatment or employment in its programs and activities. For more information about Title VI, Title IX, or Section 504, call the VP of finance & operations, (620) 624 -1951.