Current Bids

Request Date Open Date Close BOT Meeting  
Student Union carpet removal and installation Sept 6 2022Oct 3 2022Oct 3 2022 
Employee Benefits RFPJan 17 2023Feb 7 2023Feb 13 2023 








The Board of Trustees of Seward County Community College solicits competitive bids for large projects

and purchases. 

1.     The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all bids and shall not be obligated in anyway to accept 
        the low bid if it is the feeling of the Board of Trustees that a higher prices bid is more suitable for our use.

2.     No bid received may be withdrawn for a period of Sixty (60) days after the date of the bid opening.

3.     Bids shall be signed and dated by authorized company representative.

Bids can be submitted by mail or email.

·         Email: "" and must have a subject line of "Sealed Bid"

·         By mail:

Attn: Sealed Bid
PO Box 1137
1801 N. Kansas Ave
Liberal, KS  67901

 SCCC appreciates all bids submitted by vendors.


Past Bids

Request Date Open Date Close BOT Meeting  
Respiratory Therapy ventilators  Aug 1, 2022    Sept 6, 2022 Sept 6, 2022 
Fleet Van PurchaseJune 27, 2022July 18,2022July 18 ,2022 


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