Business Administrative Technology

Business administrative technology prepares graduates for employment in today's technology-driven workplace. Students in the SCCC business administrative technology program develop skills in keyboarding and document processing, business math calculations, records management, and specialized computer applications. Additionally, emphasis is placed on strengthening skills in language and communication, human relations, customer/client support, and professionalism.

Upon completion of the program, students are able to:
• Demonstrate effective written communication skills typically found in an administrative professional setting.
• Solve quantitative business mathematics problems typically found in an administrative professional setting.
• Read accounting principles (GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) with comprehension, apply knowledge, and solve accounting problems using manual and electronic means.
• Apply keyboarding skills accurately and proficiently in creating business documents.
• Use current technology to acquire, process, and use information.
• Apply accepted office procedures and workplace and organizational skills necessary in a typical administrative professional setting.
• Demonstrate critical thinking skills by purposefully studying a real-life situation, trying to see the situation from all sides, interpreting the information, making valid conclusions, and evaluating possible outcomes.


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