Concurrent Enrollment Classes


The Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) defines concurrent enrollment as a course that is taught for both high school and college (dual) credit to eligible students during the regular high school day by a qualified high school instructor. In order to be eligible for concurrent enrollment, students must meet a minimum institutional course placement score on either the ACT, COMPASS, or ASSET placement tests in the appropriate subject area. Concurrent enrollment offerings are available in all ten outreach schools/communities as well as Liberal High School. Questions concerning concurrent enrollment should be directed to the outreach site coordinator or the office of educational services at SCCC.

For more information regarding the Outreach and Concurrent program, please contact:


Mike Bailey

Director of Outreach

(620)417-1044 Phone

(620)417-1079 Fax

Mary Beth Matkin

Administrative Assistant

Dean of Academic Affairs

(620) 417-1013


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