Saints ESP - SCCC Office Professionals Saints ESP - SCCC Office Professionals


What is Saints ESP?

Saints Educational Support Professionals (Saints ESP) is a campus organization open to SCCC employees that are not classified as faculty, supervisor, or administration.


The Purpose of the Saints ESP

The purpose of Saints ESP is to develop better campus wide communication and cooperation; to promote professionalism, assist with campus service projects and be a network within the institution to better serve students, staff, and administration of SCCC and other Kansas community colleges.


Why Join Saints ESP?

  • Learn more about the college through camaraderie
  • Provides someone to call when you have a question
  • Become a closer part of the college "family"
  • Chance for social contact throughout the campus
  • Meet new friends
  • Help others
  • Forming bonds with others in your position
  • Exchange ideas on a state level with your counterparts
  • Demonstrate community pride
  • Your enthusiastic presence helps promote, support and encourage all programs at SCCC
  • Exchange ideas on a state level with your counterparts


Membership Benefits

  • Monthly meetings
  • Opportunity to attend workshops
  • Meet other office professionals
  • Support System
  • Further Education
  • Assist others with their education
  • Social Interaction
  • Bringing various departments on campus together
  • Networking with office professionals from colleges throughout Kansas


Special Projects


Saints ESP has a designated fund set up with the SCCC Foundation that awards scholarships to SCCC students.


Fund Raisers

Saints ESP holds various fund raisers to provide the funds for a variety of projects.


Foundation Party Auction

Saints ESP assists the Foundation with their annual Party Auction by donating their time at the event.


Bosses Day Recognition

Saints ESP recognizes supervisors on Bosses Day.


Graduation Reception

Saints ESP assists in serving at the reception following the commencement exercises.


Staging Enabled