Rights and Responsibilities

Financial Aids

As a student financial aid recipient you have the right to:

  • Information regarding financial aid application procedures, cost of attendance, aid available, renewal requirements and SCCC's academic programs and policies.
  • The confidential treatment of your financial aid records. Your file is maintained in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  • Request a review of decisions made by the SCCC financial aid staff. Should you wish to have a decision reconsidered please submit a detailed letter regarding your situation to the Director of Student Financial Aid, SCCC, P.O. Box 1137, Liberal, KS 67905-1137.
  • View the "Student's Right to Know" information.

You have a responsibility to:

  • Complete applications on time and correctly.
  • Read and understand all materials sent to you from the Office of Student Financial Aid and other financial aid agencies (loan servicers) by letter and/or e-mail. Keep copies of all documents you submit.
  • Know and comply with the requirements of your aid programs.
  • Enroll in the required number of credit hours and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Request assistance if you have questions or do not understand the information provided to you.


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