William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans

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NOTE: To receive a student loan, a student must be enrolled in six (6) credit hours and be degree seeking from an institution of higher learning.

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PLUS Loans:

The Direct PLUS Loan is an unsubsidized loan for the parents of dependent students and for graduate/professional students. PLUS Loans help pay for educational expenses up to the cost of attendance minus all other financial assistance. Interest is charged during all periods.

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All students who complete a FAFSA can apply for a loan if they have availability in their cost-of-attendance budget.

Once we process your FAFSA you will receive an award letter regarding any aid you are receiving at that time (additional notices may be sent if you receive more awards). Loan application are available online and must be submitted to review your eligibililty. You can also choose to only borrow a portion of the amount offered; if you feel that you will need to borrow additional funds over what you have been offered please contact our office to check your eligibility.

Complete a Master Promissory Note, Entrance Counseling, and Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement at www.studentaid.gov

Please note: Loan funds will not be disbursed until both the Master Promissory Note, Entrance Counseling, and Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement results are received by the Office of Student Financial Aid.


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Loan FAQs

You're not alone when it comes to student loans. SCCC has partnered with Inceptia, a division of National Student Loan Program (NSLP), to provide you with FREE assistance on your Federal student loan obligations to ensure successful, and comfortable, loan repayment. Inceptia's friendly customer representatives may reach out to you during your grace period to answer questions you have about your loan obligation and/or repayment options. They may also contact you if your loan(s) become delinquent. Inceptia is not a collection agency. We've partnered with them to help you explore a wide variety of possibilities such as alternative repayment plans, deferment, consolidation, discharge, forgiveness, and forbearance options. Inceptia will stay in touch with you via phone calls, letters, and/or emails to help you find answers to your questions and solutions to your issues.
One of our goals in the Financial Aid Office is to help our students understand how to spend, save, and invest money wisely. We want to encourage everyone to look at a website that Inceptia has given us access to, called Financial Avenue. (See link at the bottom of the page) This website has financial literacy courses, articles, and videos to help students better understand how to manage their money.


For questions, call 620-417-1110 or email FinAid@sccc.edu


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