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Student Services

Students are our first priority

Having a students-first approach isn’t unique to SCCC, but we feel we do it best. Seward County Community College is known for its family-like environment, and we know it’s because our students are part of it. We’re here to support you as you become part of the Saints family!

Academic Advising

With endless possibilities for your education standing before you, we know it can be a bit daunting. That’s why our team of full-time advisors is here to help you plan whatever comes next.

TriO - Student Support Services

Every student comes to college with a unique situation. The staff at TriO are here to help with a few of those situations. From first-generation college students to those with socioeconomic need to those with disabilities, we’ve got you covered.

Student Tutoring

Got that one class that has you working harder than all the others combined? Maybe you could use some help from your peers! Our student tutors come from your level, trained by our regular staff members.

Health & Wellbeing

College life is about more than just your academic pursuits. It’s about living life in a meaningful, fulfilling way. Whether you’re trying to get in shape or work through your emotions, you’ll find the resources at SCCC.

Report an Incident

Sexual Misconduct

Actions related to sexual assault or exploitation, dating/domestic violence, or stalking

Can be reported on behalf of someone else

Threat Concerns

Concerns may be threats to self or others, acts of aggression and/or disruptive behavior

Report may be on students, staff, faculty, or other people associated with SCCC

Crimes & Other Incidents

Anything not reportable in the other forms

This can include concerns, crimes, and incidents related to yourself or other people

Student Complaint Form

If you have complaints about courses, instructors, staff members, other students, or other things, please fill out the form below.