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Student Services

TRIO Services

Academic Advising

We help students decide what they should major in, what classes they should take, and where they should transfer. We help students overcome obstacles to furthering their education.

Career Advising

We provide opportunities for students to explore career paths through advising, as well as the online learning environment Virtual Job Shadow.

Financial Literacy Advising

We empower students for a lifetime of success by emphasizing the role of financial literacy education and default prevention services through financial literacy advising.

Professional Academic Assistance and Academic Peer Mentors

We have an education specialist and peer mentors who can help students write research papers, write essays, study for tests, and work math problems.


Throughout each semester, we offer workshops on a variety of topics to help students make smart choices for academic success.

Transfer Assistance

We organize and take students on visits to different universities every semester. Students can talk with advisors in their majors and see what different universities have to offer. We help students discover options for continuing their education and assist in the transfer process.

Financial Aid Assistance

We help students learn about financial literacy and where they can go to find scholarships. We also help students fill out their FAFSA.

Resume Target

Thanks to a partnership with Resume Target, a professional resume writing service, Seward County Community College is pleased to offer access to career related information and premium resume templates. Resume examples are available in various file types for easy downloading and editing.