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seward county community college

2023-2024 Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Budgets

(Estimates Based on Full-Time Enrollment)

Expenses included in this Cost of Attendance are outlined by federal law.  These are estimates of the total cost of attending SCCC for one year.  Cost of Attendance is used to determine each student’s eligibility for financial aid as you may not receive federal aid greater than your cost of attendance.  THIS IS NOT YOUR BILL. 

Tuition and Fees:

          Seward County Resident



          In State $3,872
          Border State $4,576
          Out of State/International      $5,056

Books, Course Materials, Supplies

and Equipment:                              



Food and Housing:


            On Campus (SLC)                   

            Off Campus                            

            With Parents/Relatives          




Personal Expenses:                            $3,704



Loan Fees:                                          


Credential & Licensure Costs:         

Varies by program/course

Note to self: how to call different curriculums

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Certified Medication Aide

Certified Medication Aides learn principles for safe administration of medication and importance of being an effective member of a   team within a long term care facility. A CMA is taught the importance of focused approach to preparing and administering   medications and continually seeking opportunities to learn more about medications.

Item #
Credit Hours
Sub-Total Credit Hours