About the Program

As technology and our demand on natural resources continue to increase, the demand for quality chemists in all fields also increases. Chemists must devise means to better utilize our dwindling natural resources while improving and developing new methods to recycle both energy and materials.

Chemists also are involved in making life better and safer for the public by developing everything from plastics to improved insulation, discovering lighter and stronger materials for travel on earth and in space, and providing for major advances in medical treatment.

A chemical education is fundamental to many majors other than simply chemistry majors. Curriculum studies in Biology, Engineering, Medicine, Home Economics, and Science Education are but a few which are heavily dependent upon knowledge of chemistry.

A study of chemistry also encourages critical thinking. Business and pre-law majors often are encouraged to take chemistry to develop this thinking process.

The chemistry department at Seward County Community College offers courses of study designed to meet the needs of students considering a professional chemistry or related career.

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