Transfer Students

A transfer student, who has attended any post-secondary institution, must have an official transcript sent from all previous institutions to the Registrar's Office.  Transfer credits will be accepted from regionally accredited colleges and universities.  All transfer credit will be equated on the semester-hour system. All courses will be transferred and calculated into the student's cumulative grade point average.  All transcripts must be received and evaluated before being enrolled at SCCC. 

What is an official transcript?

An official transcript comes from the previous institution. It has the school seal and/or the registrar's signature. If sent in the mail or hand-delivered, it must be in a sealed envelope from the school.

How can I send my official transcript to SCCC?

  1. Request your previous institution send the transcript to us in the mail.  It must come to us in a sealed envelope from the institution.
  2. You may bring in the official transcript.  However, it must be in a sealed envelope from the institution.
  3. Electronically.  Many institutions can send transcripts through an electronic exchange.  We will accept this.

SCCC will not accept faxed transcripts as official transcripts.

Where do I send my transcript?

  • If sending through the mail, please send to:
  • Seward County Community College
  • Attn: Registrar's Office
  • PO Box 1137
  • Liberal, KS  67905


  • What if I have credit from a university in another country?

To receive credit for coursework done in another country, you will need to request a course-by-course evaluation to be done on your transcript by a NACES or AICE member organization, then request that the evaluation be sent to Seward County Community College.  The list of NACES & AICE organizations can be found here: NACES and AICE


What about placement testing?

If you have not taken a placement test (ACT/SAT/Accuplacer) within the last two years and will be taking a course for which placement scores are necessary (such as English Composition I or College Algebra), you can schedule a time to take the Accuplacer test in our testing center.


Transfer Students on Probation

Students with a cumulative transfer grade point average below 2.0 will be admitted on probation to SCCC. These students may have to:

  • - Take the Accuplacer exam if placement scores from the last 2 years are not available.
  • - Limit SCCC enrollment depending on student circumstances.
  • - Must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average each semester to continue SCCC enrollment. 


Note: It is the responsibility of the transferring student to inform the registrar's office if he/she has previously been academically dismissed at any college.  Failure to disclose such information or falsification of information requested may result in immediate dismissal from SCCC.


  • Transfer Information After SCCC
If you have questions as to which courses transfer among all Kansas post-secondary institutions, please visit this page: KS Course Transfer.

For other information, including a transfer checklist and articulation agreements, please visit this page: Transfer After SCCC.



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