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The mission of the Philosophy Department is to imbue students with a love of wisdom as it is discovered in ethics, religion, logic, ontology, cosmology, and aesthetics as proposed by the world’s greatest sages. Students who are interested in philosophy as a course of study can receive a firm foundation at SCCC in this field and the general education requirements necessary to transfer to four-year colleges where they can pursue a bachelor’s degree in this field. Top positions in philosophy are held by people who have attained a Ph.D.; however, there are career opportunities for people with bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Students who are interested in philosophy can receive an Associate of Arts degree from Seward County Community College that will give them a firm foundation of courses, enabling them to transfer to a four-year college. Students are encouraged to work with their advisors and the transfer coordinators of the colleges that they wish to attend following graduation from SCCC in order to assure a smooth transition.

Your SCCC philosophy advisor will help you plan your course of study and will outline the specific requirements for completion of an associate’s degree. You need to contact the Admissions Office to visit the campus and meet with an advisor at the time of your visit. The course of study is designed to prepare the student for transfer into a university program to complete a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

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