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Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama majors and minors are in constant demand by employers in all walks of life. They often have the necessary skills and backgrounds for careers as sales representatives and business executives or in teaching communications.

Drama examines the way we communicate with one another and the multiple ways in which we can express that communication. An area of study that explores human behavior through storytelling, students are able to design, perform in, and run several¬†different productions that appear on the stage of SCCC’s Showcase Theater. During their course of study, students gain experience in modern drama and comedy, experimental works, original works, musical theater, and classical dramas and comedies.¬†

Students who study drama at SCCC receive a firm foundation of courses, enabling them to transfer to a four-year institution to continue their education. In addition, skills that are learned throughout their education including oral communication, team development, and time management, make drama graduates appealing candidates for employment in multiple fields. 

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Speech & Drama